Pairing Two "Difficult" Boars?

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Post   » Sat May 26, 2018 10:34 am

Due to losing a few seniors this year, I'm down to two solo boars. I'd tried to match them with other males in the past with no success, (the introductions resulted in wounds for the other pigs that required vet care and antibiotics). This meant that they lived side by side with another pig in a large C&C with a divider. In one case, Otto,(one of the "unmatchables") seemed to develop a good friendship with the other pig, they'd sit on either side of the dividing grid touching like they were buddies).

What are the chances that these two remaining, dominant pigs might get along?

Riker: 8 months old, VERY feisty, two failed intros with the same pig, (they lived side by side with a divider for a few months before the second try) he nearly immediately attacked the other pig both times.

Otto: 4 years old, "aggressive" towards other pigs and sometimes humans, he will bite people when he feels threatened and his triggers are unpredictable), otherwise very sweet, his nickname is "Dogpig" because he seeks out attention and loves to be petted.

So, long story short, how do I tell if the failed intros were just bad matches/personality clashes, and how do I know if I have to boars that just need to stay solo pigs? Do two dominant boars ever get along? I know the only way to know for sure is to try an intro, but I'm $1200 deep in vet bills so far this year, and nearly half of that is treating fight wounds, so I'm very hesitant. I've had pigs for over 12 years and have had many successful intros, but I'm at a loss with these two as far as pairing goes.


Post   » Sat May 26, 2018 11:09 am

It's impossible to say. I think I would wait until Riker was 12 months if you want to try again. That's just to make sure he is well out of his "teen" years so that is not a factor. Do buddy baths. Then obviously separate immediately if there were ANY aggressive actions during the intro. I'm sure you are already familiar with the signs (yawning, facing off, both rising up on the hind legs, etc.) Have a dustpan or something to help separate. I had a pair of neoprene gloves that I wore so I could swoop in to remove one without the danger of getting bit. There is nothing wrong with them living side by side though if it comes to that or if you decide it not worth the aggravation. They can still have the companionship of the other pig without the danger. The downside is having two cages to clean but the upside is having two happy pigs with no bit holes.

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Ditto WICharlie.

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