Sales of Guinea Pig-Related Products on Guinea Lynx

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Post   » Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:44 pm

Having a forum for sales should make finding guinea pig and pet items easier for members.

Who can be listed in the Sales Forum?

Businesses that sell guinea pig related items and contribute on a monthly basis to running Guinea Lynx can be listed in the Sales Forum. If you are interested in a running thread, write Lynx for details and guidelines (which will evolve over time).

Can I do a one-time listing?

The Sales forum is currently intended for people who contribute on a monthly basis to the costs of running Guinea Lynx.

If you request and receive permission from me (write me), established members in good standing who wish to mention their guinea pig related products can do a one-time post on Cavy Chat. Please note that a one-time post is just that -- a single post. A discussion can continue on that thread. If you intend to introduce new items or bump up the thread to bring the discussion to the top, a sales thread would be a better choice.

Please note, we are not promoting any one person's products by allowing them a sales thread in this forum. Write me if you experience unresolved problems with any of these businesses. We do not wish to list anyone with known issues concerning delivery or with the quality and reliability of products.


I just realized paypal has changed the way they handle payments. I only have a personal account but they have decided I have to pay $.30 plus 2.9% transaction fee to accept money that is described as payment for goods or services. This means that for someone sending a simple payment of $5.00, Paypal takes $.45 and I only receive $4.55.

I think friends and family can still transfer funds for free but that's it.

I will be happy to provide a mailing address so any of you can send a check instead. Sorry for the inconvenience.