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Have you also tried Naked Juice´s Green Juice? It has many of the same ingredients as Odwalla´s. I mixed my mash with Naked Juice´s carrot juice (no additives) and butternut squash baby food (also pure). My mother swears by pineapple juice and pumpkin added to mash when hand-feeding for G.I. Stasis.

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Where is Naked Juice made?

There is a lot of controversy right now on whether or not pineapple juice is useful since the enzymes it is touted for need to get to the right place. It has fiber, though, and may add to palatability.

Pumpkin is awesome for GIT problems. It is high in fiber and is a good nutritional treatment for diarrhea or constipation. It is being used often in the veterinary field in dogs, cats, cavies, and other species. I have used it off and on as well in my CC mix. Goes over well with the pigs as well.

Edit: Just checked out the Naked Juice website (, imagine that?)
It looks as if it is another good juice, perhaps with a bit fewer nutrients percentage-wise, but quality ingredients nonetheless. I will check it out sometime. The closest store is only an hour and a half from home!
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Thanks for the suggestions on getting a blood sample I had wondered about clipping the toenails, we tried the jugular vein but with no success.
We have not checked teeth under anesthesia but extensively with the scope and there does not seem to be a problem. I have had a pig with severe maloclussion and subsequent surgery etc. Ewenice just does not seem to be experiencing the same symptoms at all, though she is now sneezing and snuffling a little tonight guess it is back to the vet tomorrow. I sure hope she is okay, I do worry at her age!
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I am currently syringe feeding Jessie on Critical Care and I am adding rainwater and baby food either apple or apple and bananna
what else could I be adding to help Jessie maintain her weight?
She is also getting veggie juice 4-6 times a day from veggies that we put through the juicer once a day.
Any suggestions much appreciated, she is still finding it hard to swallow at times and really opens her mouth and really chews.
I am in Australia and things you have suggested like Naked Juice´s Green Juice and Odwalla´s I have never heard off. Many thanks. Jessie has an abscess on her jaw, whilst under vet had look in her mouth and found swelling and scar tissue.
Vet can not understand why Jessie's mouth is swollen, NO pus and antibiotics she has been on for 5 months.

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Rain water? Is it filtered in any way?

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No Not really filtered though do have a clean stocking on the tap. Jessie has always had rain water since the day we got her as they put way too many chemicals in the tap water.
Is there something wrong with rain water?

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Rain water contains all kinds of pollutants and bacteria that the rain has washed out of the air. There are filtration systems you can buy to help make rain water drinkable. I don't know anything about the municipal water system where you live, but I wouldn't risk using rain water without properly catching, treating and storing it.

Do you already have a medical thread on Jessie? If so, you might add your handfeeding questions to that one. If not, you might want to start one.

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Yes Jessie has a thread, as to the water we give Jessie we always boil it first. I will look into a filter system, it's funny but we drink the rainwater too.

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Post   » Mon May 24, 2010 8:42 am

We have not got the filter thingy yet but we are looking into it. For now all we can do is boil the rain water before Jessie get's it like we always do. Many thanks sef1268.


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Hi everyone - first time posting! But I just wanted to jump on and say when I was looking for the above suggested juices to add to critical care so it might be more appealing to my pig, I noticed that the Naked Juice Green Machine contains odorless garlic. Not sure if it's a new ingredient that has been added since the above comments were posted, but I just wanted everyone to know before they mindlessly grab it off the shelf like I almost did! :)

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