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Edit: I gave both animals probiotics from another rabbit and pigs pooo and also bene probiotics and they still passed

My boar has a uti and a small stone in his bladder. The vet just gave us baytril. I'm in the US. I dont know how much to give him and I'm extremely scared to give him antibiotics because ive had two prey animals die from antibiotics. They both developed gi stasis from it. I'm so terrified I'll lose him and I've seen so many people say baytril kills pigs. The vet refused to prescribe septrin or bactrim and the closest vet that treats pigs is 2 hours. We cant afford that trip and i dont want him going through the stress. Surgery is too expensive and risky. Weve just spent all our amimal funds we saved on his xrays etc.

Ive ordered Sherwood cranberry supplements because people claim they dissolve stones. His stone is im thr bladder and he still has very faint blood and also pain. Hes eating a lot but lost weight. Hes actually still over weight but did lose. Hes being hand fed water. Poops are normal. He eats so much.

Would you trust baytril or would you use urinary supplements if theyve been known to dissolve stones? Im so terrified of baytril for him. The one old pig i rescued took it...and he died in my hands, for 4 hours...and he pooped that entire time. He hadnt been eating either.

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I’m sorry you’re dealing with a UTI and also a bladder stone. Your vet must feel that Baytril is the right antibiotic for your guinea pig. Some pigs tolerate it, and some will get digestive issues that develop within a few days.

So first I would double-check the dosage and verify how much your pig weighs. Be sure you know how much to give, and if you have any doubt, contact the vet clinic. There is a dosing calculator here:

Next, do you have syringes and Critical Care recovery food on hand? If not, get some. If your pig loses appetite you will need to hand feed to prevent GI stasis.

The Sherwood cranberry is questionable. There really isn’t anything that dissolves stones. Cranberry has been recommended for people because it acidifies the urine and may help prevent UTIs but guinea pig urinary tracts are not acidic, so the treatment is questionable. Also, most stones are calcium carbonate and other Sherwood products contain that mineral, so read the labels. This forum prefers Oxbow and Small Pet Select products.

Water and other fluids should help move the stone if it’s small enough to pass. If it gets stuck and your pig isn’t urinating, that’s an emergency vet visit.

Wishing you all the best, I’m sure others with more experience will offer some additional info.

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Your advice is great.

I would not put any hopes on the sherwood product. Ditto on nothing dissolves stones. Shillintong can help them pass but won't make them go away.

Weigh daily. Do be ready to hand feed if your guinea pig stops eating or cannot maintain weight. Read over these two pages also:

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