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Guidelines for starting a thread on your ill guinea pig:

You will notice this text on the posting page:

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Please keep all medical questions in one thread and post them on the EMERGENCY and MEDICAL Forum. 

Provide age, sex and breed of your ill pig in your first post.
It helps tremendously to stick to one thread per pig. Other medical conditions sometimes have a bearing on a current problem so having all illnesses together gives a better picture of your pet.

Posting pictures of your guinea pig's condition is helpful. You are encouraged to add a note that the pictures can be uploaded/added to the board. Lynx will sometimes upload a picture (with your permission) if the picture is crisp and well-illustrates your guinea pig's condition or treatment. A picture uploaded to the board will be permanently in place so future posters will be able to view it if they are reading the thread about your ill guinea pig.

Your help is appreciated!

NOTE: Staff will close threads which continue information about your ill pig that has already been posted on a thread you started. So keep it all together!

It is also recommended to check the guide for information on common questions. gl/normal.html will give you an idea of what is normal for a guinea pig.

Guidelines for posting advice to owners of ill pigs in the medical forum:

Several longtime members and staff monitor the medical forum. We try to give advice that will be helpful to you by sharing our own knowledge and the experiences of other people on this board. Sometimes we can only offer sympathy but we try to respond to each poster. Please remember that we are not veterinarians and diagnosis over the internet is not possible. We may offer advice or avenues to explore, but a qualified and experienced exotics veterinarian is your best choice for curing your guinea pig.

We discourage new owners from posting advice (they are usually not familiar with disease and illness).

We encourage advice that is based on sound veterinary practice. Where there are standard veterinary treatments for a particular condition, "herbal", "homeopathic", and "home remedies" are discouraged.

These are some of the products that should not be referenced due to their inappropriateness for guinea pigs use:

- Nutrical - see: link
- Bagbalm - see: link
- Milk products - see: link

Posting Links:

We encourage people to use links to medical content already on this site. Content in the care guide has been reviewed and is permanently in place.
We encourage links to quality veterinary sites like .

We discourage links to personal sites as content may not have been reviewed and these sites are often temporary in nature.
We discourage links to personal sites for the purpose of promoting that site.

Discouraged information may be removed or edited (with a note that this is done).

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