Western MA, piggies dumped

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Post   » Thu May 26, 2022 1:30 pm

Spreading the word; saw this on Facebook. Dakin Humane Society is in Western Massachusetts.

‼️ URGENT — 28 sick guinea pigs found next to dumpster
On Wednesday, we received an unexpected intake of 28 guinea pigs after a kind person found them in a box next to a dumpster and immediately brought them to us. Most females in the group are pregnant. It was also discovered that most of the guinea pigs have tested positive for ringworm. Treatment for this contagious disease takes 2-3 months of daily care.
This intake brings our guinea pig population to over 50, creating a massive strain on Dakin’s staff and resources. Our veterinary and animal care teams are also working to care for over 200 animals who were in our care prior to this intake.
✅ ADOPT guinea pigs currently available on our website to help us make room for those with medical needs. Adoption fees for all guinea pigs are WAIVED: https://www.dakinhumane.org/adopt-small-animals.html
✅ FOSTER guinea pigs to help reduce the number of animals in the shelter. Guinea pigs with ringworm require daily oral medication and medicated baths twice a week. The time commitment to foster guinea pigs is 2-3 months. All supplies and housing will be provided. Email Springfield@dakinhumane.org now to sign up.
✅ SHARE this post to help us reach as many people as possible who can adopt or foster guinea pigs in need.
✅ DONATE to support the care and treatment that goes into animals with medical needs. The cost of supplies to treat one guinea pig for ringworm is $250 and over 20 have tested positive. Please, give today: http://ow.ly/9QOc50JihBH
Your support allows Dakin to respond to emergencies, provide care, and save lives when animals need you most. Thank you.

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Post   » Thu May 26, 2022 11:36 pm

The cost of supplies to treat one guinea pig for ringworm is $250

I think they can do it for much, much less.

Do hope they can find foster families with so many guinea pigs!

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