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Guinea Lynx Medical Guide

The Medical Guide provides general medical information to help you care for your ill guinea pig. Become familiar with the signs of illness on the Emergency Medical Guide so you know when your pet needs to see a vet. Find in this section:

  • EMERGENCY -- Don't ignore these serious signs of illness.
  • Common Mistakes -- Have you made any of these mistakes? If your guinea pig is ill, reading over this list is a must.
  • Finding a Vet -- Find an experienced exotics vet before you need one!
  • GL's Vet List -- Forum members offer personal recommendations.
  • What the Vet will Do -- Know what to expect at your vet's office.
  • Rural Emergency Guide -- Is the nearest skilled vet miles away? Find out how to save treatment time.
  • Supplies -- Simple supplies to have on hand.
  • Hand Feeding -- Know what it takes to keep your guinea pig going.
  • Surgery -- Read over these pre-surgery considerations.
  • Pain Management -- Proper pain management is vital to recovery.
  • Post-Op Care -- Be prepared to care for your guinea pig after surgery.
  • Reference Books -- Medical reference books for you and your vet.

For information about specific conditions or illnesses, see Medical Reference.

Find the Dangerous Medications list, medication advice, and drug information in the Medications section.

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