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Julie and Ellie (Sauterelle), both sows, Julie is a TS American with a ridge on her nose, and Ellie a Dark-Eyed white long haired American

Surrendered by a private individual who had not provided vet care. Only care received was human hand lotion applied topically with cornstarch and OTC flea shampoo recommended by a pet store employee.

Presentation: Severe mites. Severe, widespread hairloss, crusting/scurf, scabs as well as bloody, open sores. Ellie was regularly seizuring due to the pain and her mucous membranes would turn gray/blue during seizures.

Treatment: Good food, proper clean housing, and treatment with ivermectin/selamectin (Revolution) for mites over several months. Ketoconazole/Chlorhex baths for scurf and open wounds. Shaving Ellie was the only way I could remove the crusted scurf/product out of her haircoat without her seizuring a lot.

Results: Full Recovery

Before and After Pictures

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