Links - Toxic Ingredients to Avoid When Treating Parasites

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LINKS - Toxic Ingredients to Avoid When Treating Parasites

Many over-the-counter anti-parasitic treatments often contain harmful ingredients.

Always read the label before using anything on your guinea pig.

These lists are not all inclusive.


Pyrethrins are insecticides, and NOT SAFE for use on, or around, your guinea pigs. There are safer methods that are easily available for effectively removing parasites.

Pyrethrins - the effect on guinea pigs.
Information and links can be found in this discussion thread.


Sevin Dust is the brand name of a popular insecticide, Carbaryl. It is used for pest control, from home gardening to crop dusting. It is toxic to guinea pigs and should be avoided.

Information and links for Sevin (Carbaryl) on
selenium sulphide
seleen (Shampoo)

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