Alfie (M) – Bloat, No Droppings, Intestinal Stricture

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GL member: ThatKat
Medical thread: Critical Care Probs, and bloating

When trying to hand feed Alfie (recovering from a URI), air in the syringe seems to have triggered bloat. When the vet checked him out, she said she didn’t see any signs of there being an obstruction. Later a necropsy shows a stricture of unknown origin in his intestines.

• Bloated stomach
• No droppings
• Foul smell
• Previously had mucous covered droppings

• X-rays showed gas build up in his abdomen

• Critical Care

• Sulfatrim (for URI)
• 20 cc of SubQ fluids
• Reglan, 5mg/ml; 0.1 cc 3-4 times a day
• Simethicone; 0.15 ml every few hours
• Flagyl

Chronology of treatment:

11/28/2003: ThatKat began aspirating air out of Alfie several times a day to alleviate the gas build up.

11/29/2003: Alfie begins eating a small amount of veggies on his own. He still won’t eat pellets.

11/30/2003: Vet recounts this information pulled from VIN (some expressed concerns over this advice):
Reglan does not help with bloat. Some gp's may be helped with Propulsid. Tap abdomen only if life-threatening. Simethicone is of no help with bloat. Most cases are due to dietary indiscretion. Check for clostridiosis - some need Flagyl. Give hay primarily until bloat resolves. Some do have underlying disorders that require investigation to resolve. Some respond to stomach tube placement through the nasal cavity to allow air to dissipate.
Another fecal showed no clostridia but lots of strange bacteria. Alfie was given Flagyl. He continues to eat but very little. He shows signs of pain when touched on his abdomen. He continues to get subQs daily.

12/2/2003: Alfie looked despondent and was given oxygen. The vet put in a catheter and administered fluids. Alfie passed away shortly after. A necropsy was performed. It showed cause of death to be a stricture of unknown origin in his intestines. There were large masses of gas and stool in different areas. There was this tiny area of intestines that was dead, and where the stool stopped moving; but there was gas below that area, though. Not even the tiniest little poop pellet could have fit through that tiny area. The only thing that could have fixed it was surgery but he was too weak and frail to have gone through it.

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