Links - Ear Growths (Polyps)

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LINKS - Ear Growths (Polyps)

Josephine's explanation of polyps can be found here.

Click on photograph to display larger image.

  • Bonnie's Ear (from "Sow with a lump (cyst?) in ear")
    Bonnie had an abscess in her ear, which was successfuly removed. Bonnie also received antibiotics. Excellent photographs of the healing process.
    Image Image
  • Smudgie's Ear (from "New Rescue: Underweight Boar")
    Smudgie, estimated to be five years old, had an unusual growth in his ear. It did not appear to be an abscess. He disliked having it touched, and occasionally scratched it with his hind foot. Due to his age, the vet recommended to keep the ear clean and watch it closely for any signs of change.
    Image Image
  • Otis' Ear (from "Otis' Medical Thread")
    Otis, a four-and-a-half year old boar, had an unusual growth in his ear. The veterinarian found yeast underneath the polyp, and first recommended daily cleansing and a week of Tri-Otic (Otomox) ointment. Five months later, Otis developed an infection below the polyp, along with a second polyp that formed underneath the first. Animax (Panalog) was prescribed. Due to other health concerns, Otis was not a good candidate for polyp removal.
    Image Image

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