Panqueca (F) - Uveitis and conjunctivitis

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Panqueca, adult female, short-haired.

On 12/27/2010 the conjuctiva around Panqueca's left eye seemed reddish. Her left eye looked same way the following afternoon, but turned cloudy that night. Vet has done fluoresceine test, no corneal damage. Diagnosed uveitis and conjunctivitis due to trauma (hay poke?). Applied subcutaneous Baytril, meloxicam and dipyrone. Treatment iniciated: clean her eye with cool chamomile tea before applying ophtalmic ointment (gentamicin + hydrocortisone + Vitamin A + Vitamin D) 3 times a day.

Treatment cleared the cloudiness up in about 8 days. More below.

12/27/2010 night - The conjunctiva seemed reddish.

12/28/2010 afternoon - Her left eye looks same way, but turned cloudy at night. She was taken to the vet.

12/29/2010 - Day one of treatment.

01/03/2011 - Day six of treatment. We went to the vet, her eye is almost healed. He asked to continue the treatment until 01/08/2011.

01/05/2011 - Day eight of treatment. Her eye looks healed. Treatment continues.

01/08/2011 - Day eleven of treatment. We went to the vet, her eye is totally healed.

Images of her eye day to day can be seen in her medical thread.

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