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LINKS - Broken Bones

Broken Leg
  • Satchmo's Broken Leg
    Satchmo, a ten-week-old male, breaks his leg after a fall.
  • Ianto and the Broken Femur
    Ianto, a two-year-old male, broke his right femur after a fall. Since it was a butterfly fracture, the specialist recommended wrapping the leg and restricting movement, along with Metacam (meloxicam) for pain management.
  • Beautiful girl dropped
    Izabo, a three-year-old female, broke her femur after a fall. A small cage to limit her movement and Metacam (meloxicam) helped her leg to heal in less than a month.
  • Broken back leg - advice and experience requested
    Leila, a young female, broke her hind leg. She required surgery, and a pin was used to set the leg in place. X-rays show the broken leg before the pin was inserted.

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