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LINKS - Take Responsibility
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If you choose a guinea pig(s) as your family's new companion, it is vital that a responsible adult takes responsibility for the care of this pet, and observes the guinea pig on a daily basis.
  • Guinea pigs are not good "starter pets."
  • They do not make good pets for small children.
  • Guinea pigs require a clean cage, appropriate guinea pig food, and clean water, daily.
  • It is unfair to both the animal and the child(ren) to expect any child to take full responsibility for the animals' care.
  • A responsible adult needs to look in on the animal daily and be ready to take the pet to a vet if necessary.
  • Exotics veterinarians can sometimes be more expensive than regular dog/cat vets. Be ready for this.
  • Have a vet fund set aside for their care.
  • Most illnesses are often treated with simple medications, but you need to be ready if it's more than that.
  • An adult needs to be responsible for the guinea pig.
Research. Take responsibility. Observe. And be ready for a visit to the vet. If you do, your pet will reward you with years of fun and love. These small animals are completely dependent upon you for food, water, clean housing, appropriate handling, and appropriate care. Please don't let them down.


The following threads are just a few examples of situations that happen daily. Some stories have happy endings; others do not. Please be prepared to take responsibility for your pets, and make a lifetime commitment to their care and happiness. Research, Responsibility, Observation, and Vet Care

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