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  • Bethel Veterinary Hospital
    Aubrey Fitch, VMD
    25A Turkey Plain Rd
    Rt 53
    Bethel, CT 06801

    Phone: (203) 794-0247

    Dr. Fitch sees a variety of animals regularly but her speciality is Exotic Animals.
    Original recommendation by: anglaz 3/18/2005, 9:04 pm

    Dr. Fitch adds:
    At Bethel Veterinary Hospital, we provide a complete line of medical, surgical, and dental care for guinea pigs. I have a special interest in small mammals and am a member of AEMV (Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians). We carry Oxbow Critical Care, have special heated cages for recovery, small mammal dental equipment, and a radio surgical unit. Surgeries performed include spays and neuters, cystotomies (bladder stone removal), tumor removals, abscess surgeries, exploratories, and teeth trimming (incisors and molars). We have a caring and well educated staff, and have access to specialists that come directly to our clinic.
    Update of new hospital location by email: Dr. Aubrey Fitch, VMD 3/14/2007
    Website verified: March 5, 2016
Bolton / Metro Hartford
  • Bolton Veterinary Hospital
    Kathryn Zyra, V.M.D.
    222 Boston Turnpike (Route 6)
    Bolton, CT 06043

    Phone: (860) 646-6134
    Phone: (860) 456-4298

    Dr. Zyra specializes in Exotic pets and Wildlife. She has seen my rabbit. She has 3 house rabbits and 2 guinea pigs and is a friendly, compassionate vet. Nice but busy office.
    Contributed by: anglaz 3/18/2005, 9:04 pm
    Website verified: March 5, 2016
East Hartford
  • East Hartford Animal Clinic
    Dr. Wil Barrios
    109 Connecticut Blvd.
    East Hartford, CT 06108

    Phone: (860) 282-8989

    I can recommend Dr. Wil Barrios of the East Hartford Animal Clinic in East Hartford, CT as a good exotics vet. His specialty is ferrets but he treats pigs and other exotics. I have taken my pig to him. The best thing about Dr. Barrios is that he is always open to information I present to him that I have gotten off the internet.

    Please note that you have to request Dr. Barrios, as there is another vet in the practice now.
    Contributed by email: Joanne, 8/27/2005

    Dr. Barrios treats guinea pigs and other exotics. He is especially good at trimming guinea pig's teeth and his charges are very reasonable.
    Contributed by email: Omid and Kelsey, 4/24/2009
    Website verified: March 5, 2016
  • Advanced Veterinary Care
    Dr. Paul Chace, DVM
    376 Scott Swamp Road
    Route 6 (Next to Joey Garlic’s & East of Wal*Mart)
    Farmington, Connecticut 06032

    Phone: (860) 677-0309

    Advanced Veterinary Care is a very highly reputable Veterinary Practice and has one of the best doctors in Connecticut, Dr. Chase. Dr. Chase has years of education and even more than that, 19 years+ of Exotic Pet experience. Until recently Dr. Chase has worked in one of the states top 24-hour emergency clinics and now has a practice of his own. His areas of special interest include orthopedics, endoscopy, surgery and exotic pet medicine and surgery. Dr. Chase has many professional memberships and is a very prominent well-known Veterinarian here in Connecticut. The office is also very nicely staffed, all with people that really care about your pet.
    Contributed by email: Omid and Kelsey, 3/13/08
    Website verified: March 5, 2016
Marlborough / Metro Hartford
  • Marlborough Bird & Animal Hospital
    Sean Pampreen, D.V.M.
    21 South Main Street
    Marlborough, CT 06447

    Phone: (860) 295-1595

    Both Dr. Pampreen & Dr. Pampreen has been caring for my guinea pigs and rabbits. Performed 3 gp boar neuters successfully with no complications. Kind, friendly, compassionate staff. Both vets are very patient & gentle.
    Contributor unknown - 22:16, 2 November 2007 (EDT)
    Website verified: March 5, 2016
  • Pieper Olson Connecticut Valley Veterinary Associates
    Middletown Pieper Olson
    Mark Albin, DVM
    Lynne Robbins, VMD
    730 Randolph Rd
    Middletown, Connecticut 06457

    Phone: (860) 347-1122

    Dr. Robbins has treated my guinea pigs and I highly recommend her. She's very knowledgeable, specializes in small animal medicine and exotics, and studied at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Dr. Albin performed a neuter on one of my pigs that couldn't have gone more perfectly. He has also been fantastic in treating a persistent blocked tear duct. His bedside manner is great and everyone in the office has been wonderful as well. I'm more than happy to drive 40-45 minutes each way to bring my pigs to Dr. Albin.
    Contributor unknown
    Website verified: March 5, 2016; Currently, Dr. Robbins does not seem to be listed as Staff on the website.
  • South Wilton Veterinary Group
    Barbara Mangold, DVM
    Amanda Cronin, DVM
    Clare Fahy, DVM
    Dr. Stacy Robertson DVM
    Dr. Nick Sitinas VMD

    51 Danbury Road
    Wilton, CT 06897

    Phone: (203) 762-2002

    Personal experience: Dr. Mangold and Dr. Cronin are fantastic guinea pig vets. Super knowledgeable, they clearly have an appreciation for guinea pigs' spirit and delicate physiology -- and how hopelessly enslaved their humans are. They are compassionate, efficient without being rushed, open-minded, patient with lots of questions, elaborative with their answers, and able to put humans immediately at ease. Both will spend a more than adequate amount of time with you, reviewing x-rays in detail, explaining procedures and surgeries, and detailing lab results. Dr. Cronin just joined the practice in August 2006 (I don't know where she was before), but I can't say enough good things about her bedside manner with both guinea pigs and humans. The entire staff is completely fantastic -- warm-hearted, compassionate, accommodating.

    Probably the best way I can state my recommendation is this: They're so good that I'm willing to drive 30-45 minutes on one of the worst highways in the Northeast just so my guinea pigs can be treated by them.
    Contributed by: theWB4 - 9/7/2006, 10:04 am

    I was reviewing your wonderful site to add to our web site as a link when I noticed that our hospital was not on your vet resource site. I would like to add Dr. Sitinas and Dr. Fahy onto your site. Dr. Fahy is very experienced with both the surgical and medical aspects of pigs and has been with our clinic for 7 years and Dr. Sitinas is board certified in Avian Medicine (twice) and did his residency in Exotic Animal Medicine at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. He has been treating small mammals for 15 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of pig care. Our hospital is board certified by the AAHA in both canine and feline and avian (one of the only in the country) and we have specially designed hospital cages just for birds, exotics and small mammals. We also offer Oxbow products to our clients-Cavy Cuisine and hay as well as Critical care. Please check out our website at as well as a recently written article on the web at

    Your site is great and I hope it is OK to add it as a link on our web site as well as in our handouts to new clients.
    Contributed by email: Dr. Stacy Robertson DVM, 10/31/06
    Website verified: March 5, 2016; however, Dr. Mangold and Dr. Cronin are not listed as Staff on the website.

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