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  • The Animal Hospital Of South Gorham
    Dr. Linda Mulski
    Dr. Thomas Niedermeyer
    47 County Road
    Gorham, ME 04038

    Phone: (207) 839-8158

    Both vets at this practice are experienced exotics vets. On a basic wellness check, they will listen to heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds. They palpate the abdomen to check for lumps. They examine the skin&fur, look into the ears. They use the otoscope to check the teeth. They do range-of-motion on each limb of the piggy to check for potential joint problems. A weight and a temp. are also taken. They will quiz the owner as to what kind of food, bedding, and cage is being used for the guinea pig. Both vets warn of the dangers of cedar and of raw pine. Both vets encourage the use of Oxbow pellets and strongly discourage the use of glass aquarium tanks for cages.

    They have, by turns, treated my piggies over the years for URI's, UTI's, one case of scurvy, have helped develop plans of "comfort care" for the piggies of mine that were diagnosed with terminal conditions. Dr. Mulski surgically removed a suspicious lump from Sniff's belly at the beginning of '02. When euthanasia has been needed, they give the owner the option of being present. When euthanizing a guinea pig, they do it by giving a shot in the abdomen.
    Contributed by: mini'smama - 6/23/2003, 12:01 pm
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Orrington - Bangor/Midcoast region
  • River Road Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Katherine Carter
    210 River Road
    Orrington, ME 04474

    Phone Number: (207) 825-2105

    This vet was recommended by Michelle who runs Whistle Ridge Guinea Pig Rescue, the only guinea pig rescue in Maine.
    She's had various conversations with Dr. Carter about neutering and other gp topics, and said that she knows her stuff.

    So far I have only had a wellness check, my girls were given Revolution because they were from a pet store.
    Contributed by: Luckiest Girl - 4/13/2007, 5:49 pm
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  • Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. Flood
    192 Brackett Street
    Portland, ME 04102

    Phone: (207) 772-3385

    We have little experience with Dr. Flood but from what we saw he is a kind and well respected vet who is knowledgeable about guinea pigs--including heart problems. He took the initiative to contact our vet cardiologist in another state to discuss Milo's emergency case.
    Contributed by: Milo's Mumma - 6/28/2011, 10:11 am
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  • Pine Point Animal Hospital
    Dr. Ann Barksdale
    Dr. Katie Erswell
    12 Pine Point Road
    Scarborough, ME 04074

    Phone: (207) 883-3301

    We have been in to see Dr. Ann in an emergency and she as well as the rest of the staff were wonderful. They were very caring and took the time to get to know our guinea pig's individual personality. They are equipped to perform dental work and take various kinds of x-rays. Dr. Ann has a special place in her heart for guinea pigs and has an elder gp as one of many pets. She sends a sheet of healthy food for guinea pigs home at visits and is willing to talk via phone or for as long as needed in an appointment, being an active listener.
    Contributed by: Milo's Mum - 02/27/2010, 1:19 am
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  • Scarborough Animal Hospital
    Dr. Matt Ford
    29 First Street
    Scarborough, ME 04074

    Phone: (207) 883-4412

    Dr. Ford is a seasoned small mammal veterinarian with experience treating medical and surgical issues, including:
    . nutrition and husbandry
    . behavioral counseling
    . infectious diseases
    . routine and abnormal dental conditions
    . urinary and cardiac disease.
    We invite our guinea pig patients to enter on the cat side of our divided reception area (we have a cat side and a dog side), which includes a display of Oxbow Animal Health products we carry, as well as small mammal nutrition, housing and enrichment information.
    Contributed by email: Amy Ford, Practice Manager, 12/11/14
    Website verified: March 11, 2016

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