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Cincinnati Columbus
  • Animal Care Unlimited
    2665 Billingsley Rd.
    Columbus, Ohio 43235

    Phone: (614) 766-2317
    Fax: (614) 766-4508

    These folks treat pets of all types. I've seen pet skunks, geese and turtles in their waiting room.

    Check out their guinea pig page:

    They also have 24hr emergency care for established clients.
    Dr Burton came out at 2:30 am and saved my pet rat Mac from choking to death.

    They also run the non-profit Ohio Wildlife Center
    For orphaned and injured wildlife in Central Ohio.
    Be sure to give a donation if you take in an animal.
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  • Dayton South Veterinary Clinic
    Dr. Daniel Brauer
    3200 Wilmington Pike
    Kettering, OH 45429

    Phone: (937) 294-8888
    Fax: (937) 294-8338

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  • Sharon Center Veterinary Hospital
    Dr. Steven Faust
    Dr. Rob Nathan
    2131 Sharon Copley Rd.
    Medina, OH 44256

    Phone: (330) 239-1115
    • I recomend Dr. Faust, great with the pigs and people =) He's done two neuters for me as well as other things like treatment for abcesses, URI's, ear infection, bladder infection, and Little Pigs bone and joint problems. I had a couple slight problems early on, one was giving me frontline spray for lice, and I wasn't seeing results with the ivermectin injections after 2 but he did check over the GL information and said that he would be ok with my treating the pigs at home to save cost.
      Contributed by: Erin8607 - 9/21/2003, 9:00 pm
    • Dr. Faust has been wonderful. I've used him since 2001 but had to go somewhere else for two years when he moved to his own clinic. He's finally back to my piggies as of September first! Woohoo (On my pigs only)He's done about 10 successful neuters, 4 successful spays, done abscess work, removed tumors, removed an eye, treated URI's, treated mites.

      Dr. Nathan is also wonderful there. I've not seen him for much, but I put just as much faith in his work as I do Dr. Faust.
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Mount Vernon (Knox County)
  • Hillside Veterinary Clinic
    Emily McConnelly, DVM
    Address: 1475 Yauger Rd
    Mount Vernon, OH 43050

    Phone: 740-392-6891

    I love working with guinea pigs and their families to provide them the best possible care. I am an active member of the AEMV, including speaking at their annual meeting in 2014, with an additional speaking engagement planned for the summer of 2016. In school, I devoted much of my elective time to exotic animal rotations, including training under one of the first board certified exotic companion mammal specialists, Dr. Dan Johnson. Since then, I have kept up my training with conferences and the latest journals in the field.
    Contributed by email: Emily McConnelly, DVM 3/30/2016
Tallmadge / Akron area
  • Northwest Veterinary Practice
    Dr. Young
    99 Northwest Ave.
    Tallmadge, Ohio

    Phone: (330) 630-2678

    Very good with basic health concerns and surgical procedures such as spays and neuters. Refers you to another clinic if it is something she is not comfortable treating instead of just taking your money and experimenting like some vets try to do.
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Clarence, New York (near Buffalo) / Eastern Ohio
  • Specialized Care for Avian & Exotic Pets
    Dr. Laura Wade
    Dr. Evan Reed
    10882 Main Street
    Clarence, NY 14031

    Phone: (716) 759-0144

    I love my veterinarian - Dr. Wade and Dr. Reed are both wonderful with my guinea pigs and they really care about making sure they are well. My vet has personally called me to check on my pigs when they have any illness! Every staff member there is friendly and kind.
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