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Name: Lucy
Sex: female, spayed
Age at onset: about 4 years

General history:
Lucy is about 5 years old. She was rescued from a hoarder by the Humane Society when she was about 2-3 months old. She was pregnant and had a litter of two boys. She was fostered by Amy0204 and we adopted her when she was about 7 months old.

She was spayed for ovarian cysts at 3 years. She had a mild, chronic cough for 2 years which didn't respond to antibiotics. After treatment with a course of bactrim & two courses of baytril for a URI, the cough resolved.

Signs of illness:
-loud, rattly, hoarse, labored breathing, so loud the vet could hear it over the phone
-acted sick

Veterinary diagnosis:
- pneumonia 9/19/12

-Baytril & Doxycycline. Her weight on 9/19/12 was 2.2 lb and the Doxycycline prescribed was 0.1 ml 2x/day (25 mg/ml) for 14 days. The baytril was 0.65 cc 2x/day (68mg/3ml) for 21 days.

The emergency vet gave her a Baytril injection the first night she was seen to give her a quick start. Lucy also got a subcutaneous fluid injection and a nebulizer treatment. We took Lucy to her regular vet the next day and she got another subcue & nebulizer treatment.

-nebuliser treatments for the first week with Acetylcysteine 20% solution per ml added to the saline: .25cc added to 5cc saline in the nebulization chamber.
-We had her in a separate cage to monitor input & output.

She wasn't eating well, but she recovered from the pneumonia and was returned to her cage with 2 other pigs.

Follow up:
Her weight loss continued and we force fed her critical care for several months.

On 10/22/12 she saw the vet for nasal discharge & was prescribed Bactrim (I don't have dosage details, etc.)

On 11/12/12 the vet discovered food stuck between her teeth & inflamed gums. That was cleaned out & the affected teeth filed a bit. The vet prescribed another round of Bactrim.

Lucy's weight was 1000g before the pneumonia and dropped to 700g at its lowest. She has been slowly gaining weight and at her last checkup, 9/16/13 she was up to 900g.

She developed soft poops after the pneumonia. Stopping the metacam seemed to help somewhat. Eating some of her cage mate's Critter Be Better with pre & probiotics recently may also have helped.

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