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A good veterinarian is worth their weight in gold! Most of the veterinarians on this list have been recommended by members of Guinea Lynx Forums (see: ). If you have a veterinarian to recommend, post on the forums or email Lynx. (see: )

To make a veterinary recommendation, please list the city first and sign and date your post. Add a little about your experiences with them. A description of the kind of services they offer and their experience with guinea pigs will be helpful to the reader as well.


  • The Animal Hospital of Sandy Springs
    Dr. Ella Ahearn
    6023 Sandy Springs Circle
    Sandy Springs GA 30328

    Phone: (404) 255-8522

    Wonderful manner, kind and very knowledgeable about guinea pigs and their care. Not afraid to listen to owner experience and willing to learn about new things.
    Contributed by: Paravati - 6/23/2003, 12:45 pm
    Website verified: March 5, 2016
And read this valuable page on: Finding a Good Vet

Medical Disclaimer:
The names of the veterinarians listed on these pages have been contributed by members of the Forums and by the public by email. While we hope these recommendations guide you to skilled veterinary care, the information in this guide has not been verified and Guinea Lynx makes absolutely no warranties, expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of this information nor do we accept responsibility for any actions or events related to the use of this information.
It is your responsibility to verify that the veterinarian is still practicing, licensed and competent in the treatment of guinea pigs.

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