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Lister is a pet store bought pig who was purchased on 12th December 2004, which makes him 3.5 years old.

He has suffered from a variety of lumps ranging in size and severity.

18th July 2006 Lister had a lump on his underneath. It was closer to his chest than stomach. It was smaller in diameter than 1 cm, and it had a tiny black dot in the centre. The vet syringed it and there was nothing in it.

On the 30th July 2006 it popped. White pus leaked from it. The vet prescribed Baytril 2.5%ml 5 drops twice a day.

We continued bathing, and at the 7th August 2006 the lump stayed empty. He still has a small black dot on his skin.

5th November 2007 A similar lump appeared on his left side. It was 1cm in diameter. Again it had a small black dot in the centre. We bathed it for a few days and on the 7th day it popped. This time the goo was grey. We continued bathing and trying to empty it. Finally a small amount of blood came out.

He went back to the vet. This was our previous vet who isn't cavvy savvy at all. The vet squeezed the lump alot. It looked very painful and Lister squeaked alot. Lots of grey pus and pink pus came out. The vet said it was an abscess and prescribed Baytril 2.5% oral 0.4ml daily

He squeezed the lump alot to cause internal scarring so it wouldn't refill with pus.

It was all cleared up by the 29th November 2007, although there was still a smaller lump and the black dot remained.

The lump remains there.


31st Jan 2008 2 days ago I noticed he had a lump on his underneath next to his right nipple. It is very small and there is no black dot.

Yesterday I got him out to check and I noticed a similar one below his left nipple. When I touched it his nipple dripped a very small amount of clear liquid like water.


After a course of Baytril 0.2ml for 5 days, the left lump disappeared and the right remained, and had grown.

The lump was surgically removed, and has not returned

3/24/2008 His side lump looked different. The scab in the middle seemed to have grown and there was a red mark beneath it. I gave it a little squeeze and it exploded. Grey pus everywhere. There was a huge amount coming from it, but no blood at all.The vet gave him 7 days of Baytril (0.4ml) and wanted to see him next week if it's not better. The lump settled down again, but remained visable.

Here's the lump filled with pus

Here's the lump after it has been emptied

Here's Lister so you can see the size of the hole

6/14/2008His skin around the hole looked like there was a raised ring under the skin. The hole started to increase in size until it became about 1cm in diameter.The vet checked the lump and decided to give it a harder squeeze. The lump popped and a 1cm ball of grey pus came out. The hole was thoroughly cleaned out. We decided to get it removed completely as the hole was becoming too big. The lump was removed and he is currently recovering from the surgery well

Here's the hole after the vet squeezed out the pus

Here's his stitches the day after surgery:

Here's all of Lister:

He is currently recooperating in a small 2x2 CC cage. He is eating and drinking fine and is keeping his weight steady

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