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Snowflake's Spay and Recovery

Snowflake's spay

Snowflake developed cysts at about 3 years of age. She exhibited the signs of Ovarian Cysts described on this site. Her recovery was aided by guidelines described on the Post Operative Care page.

Snowflake's abdominal muscles were sutured with dissolvable sutures. The skin was closed with glue so nothing protruded that she could pull out. The surgery took place on 2/6/02. An incision will "granulate" and I must admit I thought she was coming apart on one day as there was some bleeding and it looked horrible. I even took her to the vet who put a drying agent on the incision, seemed pleased with how well it was healing and sent me home. I'm including a couple pictures so you may know what to expect. Keep in mind, if you are at all worried, please see your vet.


View detailed photo - 2/25/02
(19 days post surgery)


View detailed photo - 2/28/02
(22 days post surgery)


Incision on 3/10/02, now virtually healed.
(32 days post surgery)

healed incision

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